Specialty Rice and Grains

These specialty rice and grains are an emerging category at the forefront of innovative products such as arborio or wild rice.


These long and aromatic grains are imported from India and Pakistan for an irresistible buttery taste and texture.


Offer world renowned Jasmine Rice for grains that release a floral aroma while cooking. Imported long grain rice that keeps separate and slender.


This medium grain specialty rice cooks up to a creamy texture for traditional rice dishes like Italian risotto.

Wild Rice

A high-quality whole grain and aquatic grass seed, wild rice is native to North America and available in different options: scarified, cracked, all grades and harvested in lake and river. 

White Quinoa

This quinoa variety has the lightest taste and texture, packed with protein and nutrients. Perfect for side dishes and salads.

Red Quinoa

A high protein grain, red quinoa has a subtle chewy texture and a rich color. These flat seeds are native to South America.

Black Quinoa

This grain-like seed has an attractive dark color and mildly nutty, earthy taste that cooks up with a crunchy texture.


Made from semolina flour and shaped into tiny pasta granulates, couscous is easy to cook for a wide array of dishes.