• Instant Rice

    Instant Rice

    100% natural rice, without any added preservatives, synthetic colors or additives, that has been precooked and dried to reduce cooking times.

  • Boil in Bag Rice

    Boil in Bag Rice

    Natural rice packed in a convenient, BPA-free cooking bag for a simpler and speedier method to traditional long cook rice.

  • Long and Medium Grain Rice

    Long and Medium Grain Rice

    Not all rice is the same. Discover the exclusive long and medium grain varieties available for white and brown rice Private Label solutions. 

  • Specialty Rice and Grains

    Specialty Rice and Grains

    These specialty rice and grains are an emerging category at the forefront of innovative products such as arborio or Jasmine rice.

  • Organic Rice

    Organic Rice

    Our Organic rice varieties are grown and processed under the most rigorous standards to meet consumer needs.

  • RTS Rice (Ready to Serve)

    RTS Rice (Ready to Serve)

    Heated in simply 60 to 90 seconds, Ready to Serve Rice is portioned in BPA-free microwavable cups or pouches for a quick meal solution.

Product Packaging

Choose your grains, size and packaging for a tailor-made Private Label solution – just add your brand label! Available in different materials such as poly film and cardboard among others for jars, bags, cups and more. Our packaging solutions will ensure optimal quality and shelf life for your products. We offer the best quality rice in the perfect packaging that suits your needs. Trust Riviana for a customized and superior product.